Data-driven Solutions For
Confident Decisions

Improve Performance,
Communication, And Adaptability
At Work And At Home

Feel like you've tried everything, but you're stuck? Maybe you're looking for the next step in your personal growth. Maybe the trouble's at work finding new ground or a competitive advantage. Perhaps your business is looking to reduce turnover, enhance sales, or plan for changes.
Whether it's personal, professional, or organizational, you've come to the right place to get the data-driven insights to make your best choices with confidence.

Our Approach To Your Solutions

EQFIT® has developed a reliable, science-backed, data-driven approach with our clients that we like to call
Assess, Equip, Align, Succeed which we customize for your unique needs and goals.

Assessment: It All Starts Here

The EQFIT® difference starts at the beginning by using a variety of assessments and methods to put together a realistic, well-rounded view of your unique situation. Having good data is the best way to consistently make good decisions with confidence.

But That's Just Getting Started

EQFIT®'s Data-driven Solutions approach gives us and you deep insight into strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of you or your people and teams as they are right now. This actionable data allows us to help equip  your people and teams for better performance and align them with your team(s) and organization's strategy to deliver.

What To Expect When Working With Us

EQFIT® services and courses are all about teaching you to think not just logically but also understand and navigate how "the human factor" plays a role in everything we do as, well, humans. According to Forbes, these teachable skills are among the top 10 vital skills employers look for. While most of our services are geared toward business, the things you'll learn will make a positive difference whether you're at work, at home,or at a ball game.



EQFIT® will gather and correlate data through interviews, assessments, and observation, then provide clarity
and direction to move forward.



We combine training, coaching, and consulting into a customized plan
to achieve the goals of your individuals, teams, and organization.



We ensure that priorities, focus, and equipped teams are in alignment with your organization's culture and
strategy to deliver.

Where Would You Like To Start Today?

We're excited to help you find the right path. Choose your current focus below to learn more about how we can help you reach your current goal!


What Our Clients Say


Hank Zachry

President, Caswell, Zachry, Grizzard

"Hands down, this is the best investment I've made in the 28 years since I started my business."


Daphne Bernicker

Vistage Chair

"Steve's EQFIT® program is absolutely brilliant. It provides completely new insight, models, and step-by-step approaches."

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