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What is EQFIT®?


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Gather data through interviews, validated assessments, and observation, then correlate that data to provide clarity and direction


Combine training, coaching, consulting, and resources in a customized mix to achieve the goals of your individuals, teams, and organization


Ensure that priorities, focus, and equipped teams are in alignment with the desired culture and outcomes of the organization


Meet or exceed desired outcomes with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that start now and carry into the future

A Course For Everybody

No matter your FITness level or ability, EQFIT® has a class for you. Check back often to see new courses as we release them!

Cultivating Accountability

Learn to cultivate accountability in your team and organization for higher engagement and competitive advantage.

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Elevate Sales

The proprietary EQFIT® Sales Profile, training courses, and coaching equips salespeople to connect and build trust rapidly, accelerating sales success

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Leadership Development

Learn the skills the best leaders already know by equipping your leaders with the power of EQ. They'll learn to navigate those tough situations and build and lead stronger, more unified, and more productive teams for your organization

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Talent Matching

We specialize in matching talent to the specific needs of the position, the team, the organization, and the culture. Assess candidates, equip hiring managers to make the right decisions, align everyone to achieve the desired outcomes

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Productivity Initiatives

Having trouble finding solutions to help your team or organization realize their full potential? We provide solutions and equipping for change initiatives, cultivating accountability, increasing engagement, developing high functioning teams, raise profitability

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What can you expect from becoming EQFIT®?

EQFIT® services and courses are all about teaching you to think not just logically but understand how "the human factor" plays a role in everything we do as, well, humans. While most of our classes are geared toward business, the things you'll learn can make a difference whether you're at home, at a ball game, or at work.

Mental Agility

Becoming more EQFIT® creates a path to use your whole brain to make your best decisions and personal and social flexibility to overcome obstacles and adapt.

Measured Assessments

Our assessment methods provide measurable ways to reveal personal, team, & organizational strengths and areas for growth. Our insights help you plan better paths to your success.

Online Courses

We've just launched our first online course, and more is yet to come! Check back often as our library grows with new ways to improve. Check out our eBooks too!

Hank Zachry, CZG

"Steve has reshaped my business mindset from one of a survivalist to that of a forward-looking thought leader in my field. Hands-down, this is the best investment I've made in the 28 years since I started my business."

Robin Rhyme-Time

"One word, two words, three words, four. Five words, six words, seven words more. Eight words, nine words, ten words true. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, what shall we do? Fourteen, fifteen, feels like too much. Sixteen, seventeen, another final touch."

Yammer Yao

"Just a bunch of words here that don't make sense, but I need to see what this looks like when everything is in place and about how many words we should be using in each box before it's too cumbersome for our audience to easily read."

Have fun and get FIT, EQFIT®


You don't have to be a business manager or scientist to learn this system. Anybody can learn it, and it can transform the way you see obstacles and make decisions to overcome them.

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