Have You Checked Your Vital Signs Lately?

When you get a physical your doctor does this for you, but what about the other things in your life at home, at work, or as a leader? What about for your team(s) or organization? Checking vital signs is critical to knowing where things are today, so you can make the best decisions for tomorrow.

A Realistic, Well-Rounded View of You!

Discover the transformative power of premium assessments offered by EQFIT®. Our comprehensive battery of scientific assessments provides invaluable guidance and insights tailored specifically to you, your organization's culture, and/or your employees' unique skill sets. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your team's strengths, development areas, and potential, empowering you to drive meaningful growth and success. Whether you're here for personal, professional, or organizational growth, this is where you set your current benchmark and start learning to exceed it.

Measure What Matters & Make Decisions With Consistent Confidence

Check out this expansive list of assessments used and offered by EQFIT® depending on your unique situation.

Response To Conflict

The Response to Conflict report identifies the mental track of primary, secondary and tertiary responses to conflict based on an individual's behaviors, mindsets, and motivations.

Trustworthiness Index

This assessment provides  9 measures of Trust based in 3 categories: Trustworthiness, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. These measures provide a path to enhance trust in yourself and with others.

360-degree Analysis

360 Analysis is an assessment taken anonymously by a select group of employees to appraise an individual employee and their performance within their role.

Job Analysis Assessment

Job Analysis identifies the Key Performance Indicators needed for an employee to be successful with the mental processes of any job role.

Cultural Performance Index

This assessment measures various aspects of employee engagement,such as advancement, pay & benefits, training & development opportunities, and work environment.


Coachability Assessment

The Coachability Assessment will help you understand your readiness to accept coaching and help you unlock your potential and provide a path to a personal development plan you can use.

Habit Story

Habit Story is designed to identify an individual's patterns (habits) and the motivational aptitudes that drive them. It provides predictive capability over 90%. There is no other assessment like it.

Stress Quotient®

Measures a person's stressors in a fun and engaging way. It is a great way to help manage your daily stress level and has been designed with the latest in scientific research to ensure it is both accurate and easy to use.

TTI Talent Insights

Talent Insights provides an in-depth look at individuals by identifying both genetic behaviors and cultural motivators to determine probability of job fit, growth, and capacity development increase to over 80%.

TTI Motivators

Motivators and 12 Driving forces are critical to understanding how they prioritize how they approach their work and life choices. This motivation is deeply influenced by the culture in which a person grew up or ascribed.

TTI Targeted Selling™

Targeted Selling Insights Assessment is a popular tool used to determine how well sales staff understand the sales process and compare them to top performers.


DISC identifies observable behavioral/genetic traits that impact how a person communicates and responds.

TTI TriMetrix

(Role specific) Combines DISC, Motivators, and a comprehensive assessment of critical business skills to provide an in-depth look of individuals and their current workplace skills.

Brain Profile

How does your brain focus, motivate, and make decisions? What is your brain style and what that means for you.

Brain Talent

What are your brain's key strengths for creating the future? How can you best use your brain's capabilities?

Brain Discovery

What are your strongest and weakest EQ talents? How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results?

Neural Network

Delivers a personalized path to use EQ to reach each of four outcomes measured by SEI: Effectiveness, Relationships, Quality of Life, and Well-being by providing current scores, a goal-setting form, and an AI recommended action plan.

Trust Style Inventory

Provides a snapshot of how you build and sustain trust-based relationships. TSI measures your trust style from three perspectives of emotional mastery, how you exhibit integrity, and how you collaborate to create healthy relationships with actional tips to improve your ability to trust others, be trusted, and leverage trust.

SEI Leading Through Change

The SEI LTC starts with a simple, clear introduction to EQ and change leadership and introduces an AGILE leadership framework for change facilitation. It provides feedback on Change Readiness within the context of success factors and details competencies with specific suggestions for development.

SEI Leadership

The SEI Leadership Report begins with an executive summary, introduces scores on current performance outcomes, introduces EQ with a process-framework for action, then details each competency.

Unlocking EQ

Utilizing the core Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, Unlocking EQ illustrates a person's current processes for utilizing emotional intelligence as well as recommended development strategies.

SEI Development Report

The SEI Development Report is an in-depth feedback on emotional intelligence competencies and their impact on life success and specific methods to grow EQ.

SEI 360

The SEI 360  uses anonymous peer feedback to measure how well you utilize emotional intelligence and impact others.

Leadership Vital Signs 360

LVS 360 delivers insight into a leader's performance with a framework that supports leaders to turn their feedback into action.

Team Vital Signs

TVS delivers insight into a team's climate from multiple perspectives and offers clear feedback on their path to peak performance.

Organizational Vital Signs

The OVS assessment provides a snapshot of an organization's current climate in order to deliver clear feedback on the drivers of performance in an actionable and practical framework.

Spirit of EQ

SEQ is an assessment that provides insights on how you currenctly connect with yourself, your close community, and the larger world and gives insights into what skills would be helpful for you to cultivate deeper connections with specific suggestions for development.


Dashboard provides a snapshot of a team's overall emotional intelligence and its distribution of brain styles, brain talents, strengths, and opportunities distilled down into one page of quick, meaningful insights.

Spiritual Gifts

Having a spiritual connection can bring balance and peace during times of stress. The Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you understand how God has gifted you for service to others so you can focus your attention on your calling.

Fruits of the Spirit

This free assessment focuses on the nine qualities or gifts known as Fruits of the Spirit, as mentioned in Galatians 5: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Gain insight into how these manifest in your life.

Ready To Get Started?

EQFIT® offers a variety of paths to improvement that fit your schedule and budget. Whether you're more DIY or prefer some extra hands-on assistance like facilitating, coaching, or consulting contact us today to put together a growth journey catered to you.


Try this assessment to get your feet wet or this package to really get started.


Try this assessment to get your feet wet or this package to really get started.


Try this assessment to get your feet wet or this package to really get started.

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