Personal Growth Path

Stress Levels

Learn to handle stressors in healthy ways that can even create paths to better opportunities.


Learn to choose better and healthier ways to react to circumstances and lead.


Learn to relate to others and help them relate to you and become a more balanced leader.

Work-Life Advantage

Learn to better balance your work life and your life away from work to succeed no matter where you are.

These Are Teachable Skills!

Did you know that EI (Emotional Intelligence) is a better predictor of success than IQ?
This 2020 report by Forbes discusses the benefits of boosting your EI (a.k.a. EQ) not only for your work life, but how these skills can help bolster your relationships with partners, friends, and relatives as well.
EQFIT® offers a variety of services to help you learn these skills that will enhance your life and enjoyment of it whether you're at home, on the job, or at the ballpark.


It Starts With An Assessment

EQFIT®'s assessments give you a baseline for where you are now. What are your strengths, and where could you improve by learning and practicing new skills. The insights you gain from an assessment help optimize your path to becoming the best version of yourself.



Jump In To An Online Course!

All that new, great insight from your assessment isn't much help if you don't learn how to use it to your advantage! We have a great selection of online classes that will guide you through how to learn and practice new skills that bring more balance and opportunity at home or at work.



Prefer a little guidance along the way?

You don't have to go it alone! Sometimes, a little guidance and another point-of-view is very helpful. That's why EQFIT® offers coaching sessions if DIY isn't really for you. Reach out today if you'd like a session with one of our coaches to bring out your growth path even more!


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Having Trouble Deciding?

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