Recession Proofing Part 5 - Take Action! #eqfit #recessionproofing #successpathway Jan 30, 2023

In this series we have explored:

  1. The value of equipping people in preparing your organization for whatever comes next.
  2. Assessing to get good data and insights.
  3. Equipping people to prosper, no matter the circumstances.
  4. Aligning everything.

Now we take all of that good work and put it into...

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Recession Proofing Part 4 - Align Everything! #align #eqfit #successpathway Jan 23, 2023

Assess - Equip - Align

In this 5 part series on "Recession Proofing Your Organization", we have explored:

  • The people factor and the opportunity focus
  • Assessing to get good data and insights
  • Turning data into action through a Success Pathway

Now we turn our focus to aligning everything. What...

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Recession Proofing Part 3 - Your Success Pathway #eqfit #recessionproofing #successpathway Jan 16, 2023

In the first 2 parts of this series, we have explored the importance of an opportunity mindset, how people are your greatest asset, and then what and how to assess to get the best information and insights.

Now it is time to focus on making your best decisions and preparing (equipping) people....

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