Leading Teams to Success in Today's Workplace #assessments #eqfit #vitalsigns Nov 07, 2022

The challenges for teams today are more prevalent than ever. How can teams excel in the face of:

  • Increased complexity
  • Remote work
  • Uncertainty
  • Rapid change

As we enter into the time of year that most of us do our strategic planning, these challenges can easily derail our planning and keep us...

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Good Data Into Good Actions #assessments #eqfit Oct 17, 2022

Turning good data into good actions only happens with intentionality.

For any plan to achieve the desired outcomes, there has to be a process to carry out the plan. Here is a recent example of what that might look like in an organization.

Example: The Unknown Root Causes

Listening to a senior...

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Assessments for Strategic Insights #assessments #eqfit #strategicinsights Oct 10, 2022


I was recently working with a client on their strategic planning process for next year. Here is how the conversation went:

Client: We need to do more leadership development.

Me: What specifically do you want to do?

Client: Most of our leaders are new and have not had much experience...

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