Hi! I'm Steve Goodner, founder of EQFIT®

I always loved studying the brain and mind, but I struggled to see how much influence it had on every day decisions.

Everything changed when I realized that by understanding and harnessing the power of human emotions in both myself and others I could see a truer picture of reality and make better decisions in my own journey to my preferred future. My passion now is helping others discover how the power of emotional intelligence can change your life whether you're at home, at a ball park, or especially at work.

My Story


Having been in consulting-style business for most of my life, I began integrating this "human factor" into my own decisions for business, and I started seeing bigger pictures and better pathways to realize my goals and dreams.


Here I am now to share with you my 30+ years of experience working with hundreds of companies using proven and measurable tools of neuroscience to help you take your life and work to the next level.


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